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Customer Testimonials

  • Awesome customer service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April D.

  • I bought a 2016 Chrysler 200

    My salesman was awesome (jeremy green) only issue I'm having is getting everything transferred over. :/ other than that their awesome !! Love the car!


    Lara A.

  • Made it really easy!

    Stephens Auto Center is great! I am still friends with the sales guy. I bought a new car. The sales people are good to work with they make it really easy! I only had to fill out one app. My credit isn't the best but they helped me out to make sure I could get a car. The car is perfect!

    Tishie T.

  • Great!

    We purchased a 2010 Ford Expedition from Jeremy Toler at Stephens Auto in August. We were very well satisfied with the help from everyone there. Our sales person was great, the finance department was great and everyone else who helped with this purchase was outstanding. They were all very friendly and helpful and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to purchase a vehicle. We had looked at vehicles all over Charleston because we did not see this one in the beginning, and I'm glad we did not find anything in Kanawha County because the price was better here and a much nicer vehicle than anything else we had looked at.. So for overall price and service I would recommend them to anyone.

    Michael B.

  • u guys r awesome

    On Friday 10/17/2014 we come to Stephens Auto to look for a new vehicle and I've never been to a car dealership were I was treated so good by the people that work there, they were so nice, courteous and they really care about the customer. Me and my whole family will never deal with anyone else. I bought a new Ford explorer and I couldn't be happier, u guys r awesome.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Nickie R.

  • Dependable good service

    Good honest service. Always take care of my needs no matter the car brand.

    Christopher M.

  • very qualified....

    in and out ....fixed our problem...never had issues with it again.

    Keith P.

  • very accomodating

    This was the best auto buying experience that I have ever had. They were very accomodating.

    We got a great offer on our trade in and then a payment that we could afford on a new car. I love my Jeep Patriot. It is very comforting knowing that I can put it in 4 wheel drive when the weather gets bad! Our salesman was friendly and very knowledgeable about the different vehicles. I had a great trading experience.

  • Excellent

    Out of several dealerships around the state, Stephens was the only one to give me a chance and put me in an excellent car that I love. Thanks to their quality staff and service, I got a Mitsubishi Outlander GT within just a few days of calling them up. Everything was smooth and hassle free.

  • Excellent service

    Every time we have taken our vehicles in Ford, Dodge or Chrysler it has always been good service.

    Daisy P.

    Overall it was great!
    I took my car to Stephens Auto Center to replace the power on my driver side door. I took it in the afternoon, they ordered the part and they had it fixed by noon the next day. They worked with us and did everything we could to get us back in the vehicle. It was a fast and easy experience. They were excellent.
    Katrina P.

  • Travis Fair and [Stephens Auto] Service Department

     Travis Fair and Service Department


    Good morning Mr. Stephens,

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you how much I appreciate your employees at Stephens Auto.  My husband and I have purchased two vehicles through your dealership and it has been a wonderful experience.  Travis Fair ordered a 2011 Explorer for us and found us a 2013 Taurus out of state for us when the one we wanted wasn’t on the lot or any lots nearby.   We recently had our 2013 Taurus serviced for a recall at XXXX XXXXX Ford in Charleston (simply because we live in Charleston).  The next week, I was returning from Beckley and the vehicle quit on me going up a hill and around a curve.  At the time, there were three lanes, the far right lane being a truck lane, and the guardrail was right next to the road, so I had nowhere to pull off.  I finally made it off the road, right past the guardrail.  I have no doubt it was by the grace of God as the back end of the vehicle was partially in the road.  After getting with the Ford Roadside Assistance and arranging a tow truck, my husband wanted the vehicle to come back to Stephens, since that is where we purchased it.  Roadside Assistance wouldn’t tow it that far without us having to pay for a portion of the towing.  I called Travis and he told me to not worry about it, have them to tow it to a local dealership and he would come get it.  I can’t express to how relieved I was when I heard that statement.  I had left Beckley at 10:15 am and didn’t make it back to Charleston until 1:30.  Your service department was there to pick up the vehicle by 2:30.  Travis called the next morning and your team had already identified the problem and corrected it.  I will be contacting Ford about the poor service I received at XXXX XXXXX and their carelessness with our vehicle.   However, I also didn’t want to let this opportunity pass to also give the appropriate recognition to your team as well.  I will make sure Ford knows this as well.  I work in an industry where everyone recognizes when something is wrong, but credit is never given when we do things are right.  I figure, your industry is somewhat similar and I want you to know that Travis and your service department has treated my family like their family.  That type of peace of mind is priceless and I just wanted to thank your for having such a top notch staff!



    L. P.

  • Customer Review: Sam B.

    I am now a loyal customer of Stephens Auto, located 500 miles from my home. I made an online purchase from your dealership recently. John, your Internet Sales Manager, made the experience very pleasant. Rob in the Parts Department was also very helpful. Your company understands what good communication is! The shipping was prompt and fairly priced. Buying online, I took a leap of faith buying sight-unseen, but everything arrived in better than described condition. A good all around experience.

    Sam B.
    Wentzville, Mo

  • Customer Experience: Roy W.

    The team at Stephen’s Auto Center will tirelessly work to find the new vehicle you are looking for. My experience started with the internet sales department, where I was quickly greeted with a response to my inquiry. The gentleman here (John) took my requirements and began the search, before passing me off to the sales department.

    The first time I heard from a salesman (Austin), he already had a few vehicles he wanted me to review with me. I visited the dealership several times during my search, and each time Austin greeted me promptly to go over what needed to be done next.

    While at the end of the day, we couldn’t come together on a deal, I still felt that it was necessary to share my experience. The personnel at Stephen’s are very friendly and happy to help you out any way they can.


    Roy W.

  • Thanks!

    name: E. Mitchell, Jr

    comment: Just had one of my vehicles worked on. Great job as always. You have a very good service department. Thanks

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